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The ship changed her name but her shape as well

MEGATECHNICA LTD successfully applied shipowner’s proposal and organized the modification project of the Ro-Ro cargo ship to Log carrier for the seas of Scotland seas. Modification works include:

a) Modification of cargo area.

b) Cropping of existing bridge and construction of new bridge on the upper deck.

c) Construction of new bridge wings

d) Modification of the fore U-Frame and exhaust gas pipes.

e) construction of new bridge and accommodation spaces (cabins, galley, rest room etc).

f) Modification and extension of piping and electrical net. - Bottom info - Home3 Section

Modern proprietary equipment

In the shipyard there are covered spaces of about 600m2 equipped with modern tools and utilities such as electronic CNC pantograph, cold forming press, plate guillotine, rolling machine, profile shaping (horizontal) press, pipe forming presses, for the efficient and fast production.