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Monday, 23 March 2020



Following various articles released in the Press and Social Media that involve our Company MEGATECHNICA SA, in relation with the incident of M/Y NOURAH OF RIYAD we inform that the abovementioned yacht had not been hauled/dry-docked at our shipyard on 8th March 2020, when she took list to the starboard and was capsized.

We point out that the incident occurred before the commencement of the hauling procedure and whilst the yacht was afloat and under the commandship of her Master and crew when she took a list to the starboard, which was progressed rapidly and caused her capsized.

Our company reacted immediately and in any case before her capsize, by calling tugs and provided all our available means and assistance to the Master of the vessel for her safety and for the protection of the environment.

The yacht was brought in upright position from SPANOPOULOS SALVAGE, which was called by the Owners for salvage assistance and removed from our premises on 12th March 2020.

No loss of life, injury, damage to other vessels or marine pollution occurred because of the incident.

Our Company will preserve by all legal means its credibility and will provide all assistance to the competent Authorities for the investigation which is already under way, which we trust that will conclude that our shipyard bares no responsibility whatsoever for this unlucky incident.



Stella Rissaki


The second mega yacht (Hull 164.10) of the COSMO 50 type, owned by JTI, was launched with success today 3rd October 2011 from our Shipyard and was towed to another shipyard for outfitting.

The keel was laid in September 2010.

The first mega yacht(Hull 163.10) of the COSMO 50 type, owned by AFC, was launched with success today 20th April 2011 from our Shipyard and was towed to another shipyard for outfitting.

The keel was laid in May 2010 and the aluminum superstructure started in November 2010 when the architectural interior design was completed.

The keel of the second megayacht (Hull 164.10) of the COSMO 50 type, owned by JT&I was laid. The ship is planned for launching in July 2011 for the outfitting works be continued in another shipyard.


Modern proprietary equipment

In the shipyard there are covered spaces of about 600m2 equipped with modern tools and utilities such as electronic CNC pantograph, cold forming press, plate guillotine, rolling machine, profile shaping (horizontal) press, pipe forming presses, for the efficient and fast production.